The Dark Between the Stars

A story of unbecoming and becoming.

Ruby Wright has swapped her frantic London life for the coastal caress of Fremantle, Australia. She has met the gorgeous Max, is teaching English at university and can see the Indian ocean from her lavish verandah.

Then a quickfire set of events change everything. Ruby makes a short trip to London to see her critically ill father, hoping to melt the icy hurt that has kept them strangers for years. But nothing goes to plan and Ruby returns to Australia to discover the life she left is in ruins.

Confused and broke, Ruby meets Justine, a French deli owner who gives her a job. As their friendship develops, Ruby starts to understand not just the complexities of stuffed olives, but how to tackle her past, and what she must do to reshape her life.

My journey with the book

Once upon a time many eons ago, I started writing a novel.

I was fuelled by a nagging urge. A bossy voice with one command: ‘Dettra, write!’

Eventually, I listened. I had no idea what to write about, but to my surprise words arrived.

But not ones that popped. Nope. Having not scribed anything creative since school, I needed help. So off I went to weekend workshops to get better at crafting words. My creative time competes with work and personal commitments. I snatch moments here and there, claim hours where I can and I’m fiercely territorial about my writing time.

Little did I know, years ago, how long it would take for this novel to evolve and take shape. I didn’t realise what it would require of me. No one told me books have claws and teeth! I’ve grown the book, and it’s grown me. We’re in a very testing and dynamic relationship.

Since conception, the novel has told many stories and had many titles. It’s been a book-baby, a toddler, an adolescent – and now it’s matured.

I hope for it to be published soon, in one way or another. The time is nigh for Ruby Wright to be not just living in my imagination and my Word docs, but out in the world in handbags and on bedside tables and Kindles.

If you are a literary agent or publisher and like my writing, I’d love to hear from you.