I wrote my first Flash piece in 2018 and stopped writing my book.

Some reasons why I’m hooked.

  • Flash Fiction is the total opposite of writing a 75,000-word novel. Yay!
  • Writing Flash is editing boot camp. Every word must work hard for its keep.
  • I love the challenge of condensing a fully-formed story into a short, short form.
  • Flash is immediate. A tiny story read at the bus stop might change the day.
  • Writing short-form lets me experiment with different voices and styles.
  • Flash is all about an economy of language. It’s amazing to discover what we don’t need to say.
  • Flash is a cousin to poetry and sister to a song.

I’m ongoingly stunned at what authors manage to convey in Flash. Respect.

Flash Fiction is gaining global popularity for its immediacy and punchy bite-sized storytelling.