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Why bereavement calls for more than a text

Bereavement is tricky territory to navigate. Not only for the grieving but also for those who want to offer their support. This is a very personal piece I wrote after my Dad died and I received lots of text messages rather than visits or calls. I wanted to discuss the question…

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Breaking Free

When it feels like hell: 7 questions to get unstuck in love

Have you ever wanted to FedEx the person you’re in love with to Siberia? I have. Getting frustrated and feeling stuck is part of the relationship road map. How do we get unstuck?

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Woman crying

Dear Grief, I love you, you freak

In the wake of my partner’s stroke I wrote this. It’s kind of a love letter to grief. It’s been featured on elephant’s front page and chosen as the ‘Editor’s Pick’. Proud.

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One big reason relationships fail

One big reason relationships fail and what we can do about it.

Between caring for my partner post-stroke and trying to look after myself too, I managed to write an article for elephant journal. I’m going say it. I’m a frigging legend. This article definitely has no use-by-date. Read and recycle whenever required.

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Tarot Cards

An insider’s guide to tarot & other readings

I’ve been giving readings professionally for over fifteen years now. What an amazing job. But are readings helpful? Certainly they’re meant to be. However, there are more than a few holes and ditches we can fall into when it comes to receiving guidance. Getting a reading is just the beginning.

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When love is frozen

When love is frozen–can we sort it out?

What’s at stake when we fall out with our friends, partners or family, and then don’t talk about our feelings or hurt? It takes guts to initiate a heart-to-heart. Guts and risk. It can be difficult to communicate tough emotional stuff without triggering each other’s defences. So what do we do when love’s on ice?

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Looking through shattered glass

The unimaginable has happened and life as I know it has gone into free fall.

One month ago my partner of 12 years had a major stroke. A total life changer, for both of us.  I wrote these words for elephant journal in the days after it happened.

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Helping each other through tough times

Five things we can say to support others through tough times

This was written from the coalface of Tough Times. Since my fit, healthy partner had a major stroke it’s been hard. Really effing hard. I wanted to write about what has helped me get through.

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Transforming struggel into surrender

4 simple questions to transform struggle into surrender

I used to hate the word surrender when it was given to me as advice (cue eyeroll). Then life delivered the perfect teacher. Death.

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Body love: We are responsible for seeing our own beauty too

Body Luuurve. Do you ever say to yourself, “I’m beautiful?” Why not?  I could certainly do that more often, too. I’ve never met one woman who tells herself she’s beautiful. That sucks, don’t you think?

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Desert void

The darkest hour is before dawn—here’s what got me through

Ever been in a long dark night of the soul? Ever been in the empty void where your old life has fallen away and your new life hasn’t arrived? This is a place I know well. Here’s my article with tips for navigating nothingness.

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Self-love shdould come with a warning

Self-love should come with a warning

Self-love. Hot topic, don’t you think? There is much to say about loving oneself. And much has been said already. And I’m sure much more will be said, because it’s so frigging important. Here I try to get to the heart of it in 900 words.

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10 ways to get friendlier with your intuition

Does being an intuition devotee make life easier?

“Hello, it’s your soul on the line. There’s something I’d like you to do.”

I’d be really grateful if my Intuition spoke to me as directly as that. Sometimes it does. Learning to strongly trust that my intuition is taking me to the right places has taken time, practice and lots of biscuits.

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Revisiting past hurts with exes and loved ones – is it worth going back for closure?

This article was inspired by two friends who did a very scary thing: they reconnected with their exes for very specific reasons. What happened next?

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When it comes to giving & receiving, there’s no faking it

Here’s me talking about giving and receiving. A subject we could no doubt talk about all night. I’ve certainly had my challenges with receiving over the years. You?

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When our gratitude practice becomes self-centred

I’m clawing back a bit of time to write in our post-stroke household. This article was chosen as the ‘Editor’s Pick’ again and featured on the front page. Doing well, Dettra girl. High fives and warm fuzzies.

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Female collective

Be the light that holds the flame. A call to the female collective.

Some years ago the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by western women.”

That might be you. And it’s definitely me. How can we help each other to be the everyday superheros our world needs?

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Soul Contracts

Learning our truth through Soul Contracts

I used to be a really private person till all this writing stuff started happening. Oh well. No Biggie. Blush. This article touches on why some relationships are so tough they crack us open again and again. But the biggest hurts can also give us the most potent opportunities.

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Guardian Angel

How to tune in and work with spirit guides

Spirit guides! Oh come on… really? Earlier in my life I would’ve dismissed the whole notion of such things with a smirk. Not now. Here’s my turnaround story plus ways to connect and work with guides, and a warning.

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