September 2020: Lightbox Originals #100Words Story Competition – 2ND PLACE

My grandmother wore black glasses and a mangle of bobby pins.

She told me tales of sailors navigating seas without stars.

I was afraid of her scratched, opaque glasses.

Her mumbled numbers when she walked up the stairs.

Her clattering and scuffing.

At the top of the lighthouse where the sky lives, my grandmother never admired the fuzzy pink twilight.

Or golden jewels on the waves at sunrise.

Instead, she admired the scent of sea, cry of gulls, my hair between her fingertips.

Some days, I wore her glasses to understand why. In time, they became mine.

Judged by Amanda Saint, author and founder of award-winning publisher, Retreat West Books.

The challenge was “to write a fabulous, 100-word story inspired by the beautiful photograph on the left”.

Amanda said:

‘There were lovely details in this story of ageing and growing into understanding. Such a vivid picture painted of the grandmother in that first line.

It left me wondering about what the glasses enabled the narrator to see and why the glasses were handed down the family line.

This story is not as straightforward as it initially appears and left me with more questions than it answered.’