What others have said about Heartscape sessions with me.

quoteSession-time with Dettra feels like a space of tender-hearted holding ~ offering understanding, compassion, and timeless wisdom; a judgement-free zone, encouraging me to offer the same to myself.


quoteI have had two sessions with Dettra and she has helped me rediscover a sense of purpose at a time when I was feeling lost and directionless. I went from “What the hell do I do now?” to “Ah yes, why didn’t I see this before?” She helped me see what I needed to see, which was myself, with great honesty and compassion.


quoteDettra, thank you for your gentle guidance, love and support. You’ve helped me grow and heal and shine. Rediscover my true essence, my creativity and my intuitive feminine self. I thank you; we thank you.
Much Love and Light


quoteDear Dettra, I am feeling much more positive, as if a cloud has been lifted. I feel more able to experience the joy in small things, much more energetic and motivated, and I bounce back much more quickly from negative experiences.


quoteDearest Dettra, I am thankful that you are willing to help me when I have not been good at helping myself. I am also surprised that I expressed to you just how hopeless I have been feeling, thank you for being strong enough to let me do that. I have felt a shift since we talked and I am more ready to work on what I really want in my life. Thank you Dettra for letting me be my most foul! I am very grateful.


quoteYou have been a special teacher and a marvellous person … Thank you very much Dettra.

With love, Eva

quoteDear Dettra, Thank you for listening and getting underneath my garble ~ now it all makes sense.

Love, Sasha