I absolutely love writing and crafting words and stories – some people might call it an addiction!

My experience and skill as a flash writer, and workshop facilitator mean I’m well equipped with resources and brimming with enthusiasm to help you.

People engage with writing coaching for many different reasons. Some of these might apply to you:

  • WORKING ON A PIECE OF FLASH and would like feedback and suggestions on ways to strengthen it and move forward?
  • SUFFFERING FROM THE DREADED WRITER’S BLOCK? – Together, we can free up your flow and words.
  • STRUGGLING TO FIND WRITING IDEAS? – Let’s explore and tap into the reservoir of inspiration inside you.
  • NEW TO WRITING? – Do you have a strong urge to write but you’re not sure where to begin? I can get you started and help you find your direction.
  • PERHAPS YOU’RE A WRITER BUT FEELING STALE OR LOSING CONFIDENCE? You’d like feedback on your strengths and ways your prose can grow?
  • PERHAPS THERE’S A WRITING PROJECT YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT AND WANT HELP WITH? – Run it past me and let’s crystalise your ideas.

Please use the contact form on the website to get in touch initially.
A little note: Full length manuscripts and poetry are not my thing.
Thank you. 😊



My standard coaching fee is 125.00 per hour.

For bundles of 3 or more sessions: the fee is $115.00 per hour, purchased up front.